Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ice Cream Ring Tutorial, Make Your Own!

hello everyone, heres a different kind of post to anything ive done before, but i thought itd be lovely to share with you a really easy jewellery making tutorial, its all in a kind of notebook/photo format, and hopefully its easy to follow, so here goes:
i hope you will all try to make your own Ice Cream ring, itd be perfect as a gift, or as a yummy treat for yourself!
you can also use the ice cream charm to make a pendant [which im going to do, as the tub i used had 2 small images of Ice Cream on it!] or earrings or a brooch. the tub also had a large image of an ice cream scoop on it, which ive used to create the necklace below:
if you dont fancy making your own jewellery, you can buy the necklace here:
i hope you all enjoy this tutorial, and let me know/show me photos of your attempts at this Ice Cream Tutorial!
liebe das ice cream!

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