Sunday, 17 February 2013

little trinkets.

i was gona do a blog post AGES ago about my wee collection of little trinket/pill boxes, but didnt. then i mentioned it to Anna [via twitter] and she said she would like to see my collection so far. so here it is:
i got most of these from car boot sales/antiques fairs for like 50p-£2 each!
the two below are my favourites, the little dinky one in particular i just LOVE!
the 2 below are a bit different from the rest of the collection, as theyre ceramic/porcelain. i got them at different boot sales/antiques fairs at totally different times, which is WEIRD! i just think theyre really cute [i love polka dots]
i also have this metal box, which is pretty big in comparison to the others in the 'collection and is more like a mini jewellery box, rather than a trinket box, but its with all my other boxes on my bookcase, so here it is:
i just love the detail in the middle, and the swirls!
hope you like my little collection of trinket/pill boxes.
whats your collection!?
"liebe das collection"


  1. Such a beautiful collection. So much prettiness. I really like the large box, it looks very old. Thank you for sharing lovey x

  2. aw thanx petal, im glad u like it! :) x