Sunday, 17 February 2013

Primark Mini Jewellery 'Haul'

ok, so i went to town the other day, and although i am angered at the lack of sizes my local Primark seems to have out on the racks/shelves, i always love their jewellery.
this isnt a proper 'haul' as i only bought a few things, but i thought id share them with you:
firstly, i got this sweet pack of 6 earrings, and they were in the SALE for only £1! for six pairs of studs, i HAD to have them!
then i got this hand harness, cos i had been looking at some on ebay, but this one was only £2, which is great! i did have to alter it a bit though, because ive got quite small hands, but it fits great now:
then i got this sweet 'Pisces' necklace for only 50p! AMAZING!
then, this isnt jewellery, but i got it at the same time, so here it is. these nail wraps were also only 50p, so if they dont work, or i mess it up, i dont mind!
there you go, thats my mini 'haul', hope youve enjoyed this post.
"ich liebe das jewellery"

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