Sunday, 10 February 2013

my effort at a '50 things about me' blog post:

so here goes,
50 things about me:
1.    I LOVE jewellery, I probably have thousands of pieces of jewellery ive bought in many different styles. I really do have LOTS of jewellery. But I love it.
2.    I love tattoos but I only have 5 at the moment. I have a lot of my forearm pretty much covered, and this year I WILL have it filled :)
3.    My fave type of music is rock/indie/’alternative’ kind of stuff, but I like pretty much ALL music
4.    My fave band of all time is Queens of the Stone Age, and I waited YEARS to see them live. i did eventually see them a few years ago in Glasgow and it was SO WORTH IT
5.    I hate moths and I cant sleep if I know theres one in my room
6.    Id love to get my lip pierced, but im a wimp. Id also love to ‘stretch’ my second lobe hole, but I am a wimp. I might so that soon though, eek!
7.    I love hats and have lots of them
8.    I love chocolate and cake and id quite like to eat them everyday, but I am already fat, so it’s a good job I don’t
9.    I very much enjoy making jewellery, even though I haven’t sold much at all! sadface.
10.  Ive only ever been given flowers once, by my parents for my birthday, and I asked them to get them! bah!
11.  Ive only ever had one boyfriend, and I had fancied him for about 5 years beforehand, even though id only seen him about 5 times in those 5 years. It didnt last long with him. Weird
12.  I cant walk in heels, so I dont even try, ever.
13.  I like pink, its my fave. I also like orange and grey
14.  I have a collection of little trinket boxes, pretty much all of them are from car boot sales
15.  I LOVE most things with skulls on, my biggest tattoo is of 2 skulls and 2 roses
16.  I LOVE Criminal Minds and watch repeats of it pretty much everyday
17.  I love my dog Charlie, hes a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
18.  I dont like HOT weather and I much prefer cold weather, wind, autumn/winter and snow!
19.  I am currently jobless and have been for a long time, pretty much since leaving Uni. This makes me sad
20.  I am always on twitter
21.  I like cheap things, and really don’t have many expensive things AT ALL
22.  My best friend means the world to me, and although we are very different, and our relationship has changed a lot since we met when we were 11, obviously, I love her dearly and always will
23.  My little brother is getting married this year. Hes been with his girlfriend for about 8 or 9 years, and I cant wait to be bridesmaid for them both! awwh.
24.  I like random words from different languages, my favourite being ‘liebe’, which is german for love
25.  I like nice prints/art and i reckon ive got some pretty good ones so far
26.  I love ducks, and I dont like eating them. Aw. QUACK!
27.  I love David Attenborough documentaries about animals
28.  I have worn glasses since I was about 8!? and I couldnt NOT wear them now
29.  I dont read much at all, but the books I like are real stories, mostly true crime stuff, books BY the Krays are a fave
30.  One of my fave books is ‘Bronson’ by Charles Bronson
31.  I very much like the films by Quentin Tarantino and the soundtracks to his films are always awesome
32.  I got my ‘conch’ [the thick bit of cartilage in the middle of the ear] pierced a while ago and although it dint hurt, it took AGES to heal properly, I love it now!
33.  I LOVE anything Scottish and would love to live there one day
34.  Ive never lived on my own before, ive always lived with my parents
35.  I can be quite shy sometimes but thats ok
36.  Ive never stayed at a really nice hotel before and would love to stay at Claridges in London
37.  Id love to get tattooed by Dan Gold at some point soon. I know what id get from him and where. Id also love to get tattooed by many other artists
38.  Id love to go to California, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany, Paris and Canada
39.  It might seem a bit weird/strange/morbid, but when my parents die, I have tattoos planned in memory of them. Also, when my doggy dies, im gona get a paw tattooed somewhere. And if people think that’s stupid/soppy, I couldnt give a shit, cos hes a part of our lives and I spend a lot of time with him most days. I love him very much
40.  I like guys with beards, piercings and tattoos. And im a fan of men who wear hats and jewellery
41.  Im a fan of unusual [but not silly!] names, and have a list of names I like, that I may call my children one day, IF I ever have any
42.  Id love to get married one day, and know the style of dress id like and the colours id have for the flowers etc. but i probably wont ever get married, so yeah.
43.  When my nails ARENT very short [which is how I like them] i like to paint my them with bright colours, but sometimes I dont have the patience
44.  I don’t wear make up on a daily basis, and might only wear a small amount when im ‘going out’ for a night out etc. I never wear mascara, eyeliner or pretty much most make up type things
45.  I only wear dresses/skirts on nights out or special occasions
46.  Im pretty fussy with food, and I don’t like a LOT of things
47.  I dont drink alcohol much and have never been a big drinker really. Ive only ever been proper drunk about 3 times and ive never thrown up from being drunk
48.  I like to doodle.
49.  I like peace sign/symbol jewellery
50.  I LOVE hello kitty
maybe thats made you all 'get to know me' a bit more, maybe not.
thanx for reading!

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