Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mini Moo.

here is ANOTHER post about the brilliant Moo and their Minicards.
ive ordered Minicards and business cards from Moo before, and i was so happy with the colours and the quality. i saw a link on twitter a few weeks ago for 100 FREE Minicards [all you pay is p&p], so i got some in a 'Textomatic' design, so they would match the business cards i got form Moo previously.
here are the Minicards in their little box, how cute:
this sweet little Minicard was also in with the box, how lovely:
here are some of the Minicards in their 'rainbow' colours:
here are the new Minicards, alongside the business cards i got recently. they match perfectly:
here is pic of the back of the Minicards with all my info on:
if you want to get some FREE Moo Minicards [i think the offer is still on!?] click on the link here: 

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  1. These business cards are so adorable! I love the colors!